How Chatbot Marketing Is Changing the Way Businesses Interact with Consumers

Chatbot Marketing
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Chatbot digital marketing generates extraordinary marketing and sales conversion benefits. Chatbots use artificial intelligence, or AI, software applications that can answer questions 24/7, which leads to higher sales conversions and greater customer satisfaction. The technology can also perform digital marketing tasks by messaging customers with direct push notifications using tools like Facebook Messenger and chatting apps.

The greatest benefit for businesses is that Messenger communications have an astonishing open rate of 80 percent, which is 242 percent and 609 percent higher than email open rates in two assessments according to Hubspot. [1] People see messages instantly when they’re on social media or a messaging app, and your message doesn’t have to compete with spam and thousands of other marketing messages.

Facebook Chatbots

Our chatbot marketing agency can help you choose the right chatbot software and get premium results even from open source chatbot widgets. Our experts can help you install a website chatbot for extended customer service and incorporate messaging into your CRM software and Facebook Messenger Marketing utility.

The Rise of Chatbot Marketing Generated Savings of $20 Million in Customer Service

Chatbot technology not only increases sales but also reduces customer service staffing needs. One study published in Chatbots Magazine showed that businesses saved $20 million in 2017 by using chatbots to answer basic questions. [2] Forrester Research shows that messaging is preferred for customer service over other contact methods in the United States, Singapore, India, and Korea.

The benefits of using chatbots on your website and in messaging include:

  • Artificial Intelligence Learns About Your Business to Deliver More Effective Answers
    AI has the ability to use machine learning to adapt and grow over time. This allows the software to customize answers and use CRM software intelligence for automated digital marketing. The software can trigger alerts to the best salesperson or customer service rep when necessary.
  • Optimize Services such as Facebook Messenger Marketing and Skype
    Chatbot technology works even more effectively when added to Facebook Messenger Marketing because the software has access to expanded databanks. Your bots can take advantage of information about members on Facebook, Skype and chatting applications to refine your digital marketing tactics.
  • Get More Service for a Lower Operating Cost
    You can reduce the costs of outsourcing customer service and/or hiring service staff. According to, bots can collect a vast amount of data and use their own interactions with customers to determine which issues are causing problems. They can even improve the situation by eliminating or improving the areas that cause frustration. [3]
  • Set up Your Messenger Bot with Drag-and-drop Convenience
    You can set install your bot in Facebook Messenger using a simple drag-and-drop builder in just 2 minutes.
  • Increase Customer Engagement Levels by Using AI-generated Personalization
    Although it seems counterintuitive, talking to a bot is more conversational and personal than emails according to Email boxes frequently contain thousands of unread marketing messages. There’s also the ever-present threat of viruses when you open an email. Messaging apps are free from those problems, so people are more willing to open their communications. [4]

    Chatbot marketing delivers relevant marketing fueled by machine intelligence. Messenger Marketing changes the game in your favor with two-way communication with customers and prospects. Messenger apps have become more popular than social media in the total number of active users since 2015. [4] 

It’s cheaper and easier to build a chatbot than it is to make an app, so the costs are becoming an even better investment according to the Huffington Post. You can use bots in Facebook Messenger, ManyChat, WeChat, and WhatsApp as well as Skype, Discord and Slack and other platforms for online chatting. [5]

Facebook Messenger chatbots

Using a Chatbot with Facebook Messenger Opens Doors to Existing Customers and Prospects Away from Your Website

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing is expected to become the top marketing channel in the next few years based on chatbot technology and Facebook’s extensive membership. Adopting Facebook Messenger marketing is an important strategy for gaining an advantage over your competitors. Using messenger apps like Facebook Messenger enables you to reach a wider audience of active customers, former customers, and new prospects. These prospective customers don’t need to be on your website to receive relevant and timely marketing messages using artificial intelligence. Even lawyers – who need very accurate, conservative language – use bots.

Benefits of a
Chatbot Marketing Agency for Identifying and Managing Sales and Service

Chatbot Marketing Agency

The opportunities for increased sales rise exponentially when you hire a chatbot marketing agency to handle your implementation. The potential for direct marketing and sales is enormous, but there always trouble spots when adopting new technology.

Choosing the right chatbot marketing agency and Messenger bots can result in a 98 percent open rate, which is 12 times higher than identical messages received when sent by email according to one study. [6] The benefits of managing your chatbot implementation with professional help from a digital marketing agency include:

  • Choose the right bot technology for your needs.
  • Learn how to make your bots conversational.
  • Develop if/then scenarios for your bots to answer unusual questions or trigger an alert to human resources.
  • Schedule sales and service calls using bots.
  • Gather customer profile information automatically.
  • Find out how to bridge marketing and sales.
  • Test, monitor and upgrade your technology.
  • Advise you on how to match the right content with the right customer.
  • Help you add a sense of humor to conversations.
  • Create a unique personality and brand voice for your bot.
  • Vary bot conversations for website visitors, messaging apps and social media.
  • Add a chat service to your marketing tools.
  • Provide advice for training your staff in best practices for using bots on your website and in Facebook Messenger.

Getting started is relatively easy, but as you add details, an agency can prove invaluable. Watch this video called “Beginner Facebook Bot Messenger Training Using ManyChat” to understand more about the basics of what you can accomplish with bot technology. [7]

Managing Your
Chatbot Implementation to Suit Your Needs, Budget, Company Culture and IT

Chatbot technology is growing at an exponential speed, but there’s still time to get the benefits of early adoption of this new technology using Facebook Messenger and other services. You can engage your targeted audience on social platforms and chatting services, get higher open rates, deliver more personal customer service on your website, generate higher sales and increase leads and conversion rates.

Is Chatbot Marketing the Future

Each business works at its own pace, and it might not be practical to adopt too much new technology too quickly. We recommend that you start small and work out the bugs before adding new technology. The important thing is to get started immediately so that you don’t fall behind the technology curve. Business Insider reports that by 2020, 80 percent of businesses want to have chatbots. [8]

Get a chatbot for your website to begin the process and hire an agency to manage your chatbot marketing campaigns. Companies that push the boundaries of technology reap the greatest rewards, and agency expertise can help you manage your bot tech to maximize its marketing and sales benefits.

The very best training available for learning Facebook Messenger chatbots is the training offered by BotBuilders.


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